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Luxurious Wedding Hall


We Make Your Moments Extra Special Every Time!

Rates begin at $600

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​The  Crystal Ballroom is located in the center grand ballroom. The room can actually be combined with 2 other ballrooms, featuring pretty diamond chandeliers in the center of each room.

Carpeted throughout with 10-foot ceilings, the Crystal Ballroom has an open feeling and is absolutely breath taking. The lighting can be anywhere from bright light in an office setting to dim and glamorous for and classic evening.

The Crystal Ballroom
(50-150 GUESTS)

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Make it Stand
Out W/Luxury Rentals!

Includes your choice of polyester White/Ivory/Black Linen 

Includes polyester/satin (White/Ivory/Black/Champagne) Chair Covers

Additional Options


Specialty Linen (Rosette/Sequin/Pintuck, etc.) and Crystal Ice Chairs or Gold Chiavari Option Available

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(50-100 GUESTS)

The Venetian Ballroom is the front half of the Crystal Ballroom previously mentioned. It features pretty diamond chandeliers.

Carpeted throughout with a 10-foot ceiling, the Venetian ballroom is capacious and dignified. The lighting can be anywhere from bright light in an office setting to dim and glamorous for and classic evening of romance.

Custom Floral Centerpieces

Includes White/Ivory/Black Linen and Chair Covers

Additional Options such as Specialty Linen and Crystal Ice Chairs or Gold Chiavari
options Available

Designer Centerpieces and Decor
Available Onsite!


The Winmore Chapel is the epitome of magnificence and grace, this ballroom is set up in a authentic wedding ceremony layout but can be converted to a third ballroom.


​If you’ve been torn on whether you should have a micro wedding or bite the bullet and have a more authentic wedding, the perfect option for you might be an elegant and cherished wedding.

The Winmore Chapel is set up in a ceremony layout available Monday through Thursdays for up to 25 guests/Covid-19 max and up to 150 guests on the weekends. When you go this route, you still get to enjoy the straightforwardness of a small intimate wedding, but you will be able to entertain a handful of guests in a beautiful setting and inject a little of your personality and style into your wedding day!

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Gold or Crystal Chiavari


Chairs Available

IMG 12.jpg


Winmore Chapel

White Chair Covers or White Padded Wedding Chairs Available

Imagine your reception with this tent setup directly behind your beautiful ceremony in The Wake Grand Courtyard.

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ICON 4.png

 Le  Jardin

Corridor leading to the Bridal Suite

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The Bridal Suite

The bridal suite includes a formal sitting area and a separate powder room that can accommodate up to 10 makeup stations for large bridal parties.

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The Grooms Suite

The Grooms Suite is a comfortable lounge area

with a private bar and has seating f

or up to 20 guests.

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IMG 8.jpg

Catering Options Available!

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Parade of Columns

IMG 9.jpg

Goodbye Miss, Hello Mrs

Know Someone Planning To Get Married At The Courthouse? We Offer An Alternative To Going To The Courthouse

 ( $595 Ceremony Special )


  • Professional Photographer

  • Officiant

  • Silk Bridal Bouquet

  • Ceremony Music

  • Other Options and Upgrades Available

Wedding Times Are 10am - 6pm | Monday - Thursday

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Catering Options Available!

Tier 1* Buffet $19.95 pp (2 meats chicken or beef and 2 side vegetables)

Tier 2* Buffet $29.95 pp (3 meats chicken or beef including 1 seafood option (fish or shrimp) and 2 side vegetables)

All meals come with tea and or water

IMG 31.jpg

Bar Option Available!

Only Beer/Wine Available! (No Liquor)
Must be purchased and delivered through preferred vendor

Each bottle has five glasses, so for 100 guests wedding reception, you would need at least a 100 glasses—or 20 bottles of wine, which is about 2 cases of wine.

Must be served through licensed bartender!

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